Range: 35-40 KM / 21-25 Miles
Net weight: 15kg / 33 lbs
Single Drive: 500W
Size: 37*21 *46 inches
Wheel Diameter: 8 inches
Maximum speed: 30-38 KMH / 18-23 MPH
Max Load capacity: 90Kg / 200 Lbs
Tire: Pneumatic tires
Lithium battery: 48V 10.4AH
Charger: Smart Lithium battery charger (Charging time:4-6 hours ) 
Do not charge unattended!
Do not charge over 12h!
Ships from EU/US based on your location. Contact us for more information at support@nanrobot.com

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X4 8-350W-36V 10.4A


Ask a Question
  • Do this beast has some speed limiter included? Is possible to have one of this withe a speed limiter included?

    Hello! There is no speed limit, however you can change the motor output from the P settings to limit the speed.

  • What type of brakes does the X4 have?

    X4 is a disc brake

  • Does the x4 have front and rear breaks? I’m reading in the discription on amazon it has a USB port to charge your phone. Where is this located? Thanks in advance!

    Located near the speed display, it's easy to find

  • What kind of brakes, disc? Where are the brakes, front wheel, back or both? Can I choose to have both tires as solid rubber? Does it come with a 350w or 500w motor? Your site says 500w but Amazon has the X4 with a 350w motor.

    The X4 is currently equipped with a 350W motor

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