ELECTRIC SCOOTER LS7 11'-3600W-60V 25A/35A

USA: Preorder - Ships 1.1.2021

EU: Preorder - Ships 1.1.2021

Range: 100KM(35AH LG Battery), 60KM(25AH)
Dual Drive, 1800W x 2
Max Speed: 85 KMH, 52 MPH
Wheel Diameter: 11 inch
Weight: 90 LBS, 40 KG
Load capacity: 150kg / 330 lbs
Charger: Smart Lithium battery charger
(Charging time: 8-12 hours)

Do not charge unattended!
Do not charge over 12h!

Ships from EU/US based on your location. Contact us for more information at support@nanrobot.com


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  • What type of brake the LS7 uses?

    Hello! Nutt hydraulic brakes.

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