Whether you’re a worker or a student, you must have, at one point or the other, thought about the best means of commuting without stress. Of course, even remote workers and stay-at-home dads and mums still need to get around some time. Thankfully, e-scooters came into existence when we needed them the most. 

Electric Scooters are economical, eco-friendly, portable, and fast - just the perfect characteristics needed for city commuting! Instead of spending long hours in traffic with cars or buses, we can just cruise along with our scooters. If you are wondering why millions of people worldwide are making e-scooters their no. 1 commuting choice and why you should go get yours too, well, here are some reasons.

8 Reasons Why Electric Scooters are the No. 1 Choice for City-commuting

  • They are Portable and Convenient
  • Electric scooters occupy less space than cars, motorcycles and the likes. Most of them will easily fit into a small car’s trunk, meaning you can easily transport them. Interestingly, some of them, like the Nanrobot D6+ and Lightning, have a foldable design that makes it possible to make them even more portable. Again, with electric scooters, you don’t have to worry about a regular car-parking space. All you need is a small opening to park the micro-vehicle. Why? They are small enough to fit in spaces that can never accommodate cars or buses.

  • They are Time-savers
  • Traffic deadlock is a significant problem worldwide. In big cities, the roads are usually crowded, especially during rush hours, creating gridlocks. Meanwhile, not only is it stressful, but it’s also time-consuming. Imagine spending about three to four hours every day in traffic hold-ups… But electric scooters offer a lasting solution to this.

    Given their relatively compact sizes, e-scooters have little or no impact on urban traffic congestion. With a scooter, guess who wouldn’t have to wait hours in a traffic deadlock? You! While others are stuck in traffic, you’ll most likely reach your destination faster and without stress. If more people embrace electric scooters, the transport system will be relieved, and then road congestion might just become a thing of the past.

  • They are Relatively Safe
  • Electric scooters might just be one of the safest means of transportation available. But you also have to understand that some factors do determine just how safe you are with your scooter. The fact is that not all scooters are safe. For a scooter to be considered safe, it has to be well-built, and of course, it should have some crucial safety features. That’s why Nanrobot scooters are some of the safest out there.

    And scooter-riding safety goes beyond the scooter. It also has to do with the rider. In order to enjoy the optimal protection that e-scooters offer, riders need to adhere to traffic rules and regulations and take to rider precautions like wearing a helmet, scooter knee pads, carrying out maintenance checks on the scooter periodically, keeping eyes on the road at all times, etc. 

  • They Don’t Require a Driver’s License
  • Unlike driving a car that requires a driver’s license because authorities are trying to ensure road safety, riding an electric scooter doesn’t require a driver’s license. And for the few countries where a permit is needed, you can get it without much hassle. Moreover, the lack of need for a driver’s license means people of almost all ages can legally ride a scooter. You can ride it; the old folks can ride it. Heck, even your 8-year-old kid can ride it too. But the non-requirement of a driver’s license is not to say you should go riding without the proper knowledge and expertise.  

  • They are Cost-saving
  • The cheapest new cars available right now range from about $15,000. Not everyone can churn out that sum. On the other hand, the massive Nanrobot LS7+ electric scooter goes for $2949, while you can also get budget-friendly ones like the Nanrobot D4+ 2.0 for just $1,249. Moreover, your expenses don’t stop after buying the car; you’d need to constantly refuel it, maintain it, pay for a parking spot, etc. And if it develops technical issues, yeah, repairing doesn’t come cheap, especially if a part needs to be replaced. So, you can’t blame people for switching to electric scooters that cost less to buy and maintain.


    Interestingly, the direct customer-manufacturer ties that exist between scooter brands and their customers make it possible for technical problems to be sorted out fast when such arise. But can a car owner swiftly reach out to the Toyota/Ferrari/Benz manufacturers to complain about technical difficulties with the car?

  • Their Systems are Easy-to-understand
  • Most electric scooters have a simple system that’s easy to get the hang of. You must have seen kids cruise by on their scooters; if riding were complicated, that wouldn’t be the case. People of all ages can learn how to ride a scooter in just about one to two days. Of course, it helps that brands like ours send along detailed manuals with each scooter to put the rider through. And scooters come in all levels of simplicity and complexity. So, amateur riders can choose a scooter within their capacity range, while experienced riders can choose the more complicated ones.  

  • They Generate Low Noise
  • Another convenient advantage of the electric scooter is that it generates little or no noise. Cars, motorcycles, buses, and other vehicles are very noisy, so cities tend to feel like discos. Well, electric scooters offer a quieter commuting option. Imagine a city without the annoying noise from vehicles, how wonderful is that? The beauty of low-noise vehicles like electric scooters is that they improve the quality of life. There would be less stress and anxiety.

  • They are Eco-friendly
  • Without sounding like a messenger of doom, the fact remains that the ecosystem is collapsing. Climate change and global warming are threatening the earth we know. This is why we are being encouraged to “go green.” Electric scooters are environmentally friendly and help reduce CO2 emissions. By going for electric scooters, you would be reducing your carbon footprint and helping to save the earth. Isn’t that heroic?


    In today’s world, there’s no doubt that we are all commuters —  in 2018, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration reports that the average person drives around 13,500 miles every year. Owning an electric scooter offers a better driving/riding option. It’s safer, cheaper, and more eco-friendly. Of course, it’s fun, and it’s certainly another way of staying fit too. There are just so many advantages to getting an electric scooter. So what do you say you get your own electric scooter today?