Recently, the one-year pilot program for riding shared electric scooters in the city of Boulder, Colorado came to a close. According to data collected throughout the last year and detailed in the Cities' annual user survey, riders covered over 117,700 miles and avoided the emission of over 26,000 lbs. of greenhouse gases.

During the course of the year, improperly parked electric scooters were a recurring source of frustration for many. For the safety of pedestrians and other cyclists, they must avoid blocking streets or sidewalks. The electric scooters sold by Nanrobot may be used for commuting, leisure, and other purposes. Individuals are more likely to take care of their own property than they are of a rental they are just using temporarily.
Expanding the program and enacting regulations for the use of e-scooters requires a corresponding increase in supporting infrastructure, as well as the introduction of rules to ensure the safety of riders. Included in this category are bike lanes that are separated from traffic by a physical barrier of some kind. In addition, it is the responsibility of persons who ride electric scooters to take all necessary precautions, including using a helmet, at all times.

Citizens of Boulder conclude their discussion by highlighting the need of making swift rides available to everyone. As an example, membership prices might be reduced or expanded hours offered in low-income communities. Because of this, everyone has an equal opportunity to enjoy low-cost, environmentally responsible vacations.

Staff will initiate program formalization based on the results from the study and community, stakeholder, and elected official input," the City of Boulder website notes towards the conclusion of their release. It bodes well for the future of the e-scooter.