The best of NANROBOT: Introducing the LS7+ 

The scooter displayed (below) is the prototype of our Nanrobot LS7+.

We’ve had various versions and editions of scooters so far, such as the D4+, X4, X-spark, D6+, Lightning, and of course, the LS7, with most of them being high-performance scooters. But as time went by, our mission shifted from just manufacturing scooters to actually designing and creating scooters that are sophisticated enough to keep our existing users hooked and highly improved enough to attract and hitch potential users - scooters that genuinely resonate with you. On par with this mission, we are set to release our latest scooter - the Nanrobot LS7+.


Nanrobot LS7+ is the newly upgraded and improved version of our LS7 scooter. 

The purpose of this article is to brief you about the LS7+ and why it’s one scooter release you should anticipate. The final testing of this scooter was carried out in July, and we are proud to say that the LS7+ is literally to die for. Given the results of our testing, we are fully convinced that the scooter came out perfect to serve you exceptionally well.


Do you know what makes the LS7+ unique? 

It is the distinctive high-end features that accompany it. The LS7+ comes equipped with a responsive finger throttle, the front, and rear suspension, and a safe braking system featuring super front and rear hydraulic brakes. The scooter highlights three speed gears: 30km/h for Gear 1, 70km/h for Gear 2, and 110km/h for Gear 3. With these gears, you’ll be on top of the world.


The notable inclusion of the LS7+ is its high-power brushless dual motors. Each motor is 2400 watts, summing up to 4800 watts in one scooter. 

Of course, this should tell you of the high-performance capacity it possesses. Adding to the LS7+’s spectacular spec is its maximum speed of up to 110km/h. If you’re up for the thrill, then this beast is here to serve you. 


Being a scooter designed for both off-road and on-road rides with ultra-wide pneumatic 11-inch tires, your rides, whether within or outside the city, would feel like a pure cruise. 

No limitation! Not surprisingly, the sturdy tires would enable you to enjoy an advanced level of ride control, stability, and safety. Its maximum weight load is 330lb (150kg), just perfect for both heavy and light-weight riders! 


The beauty of the LS7+ is that, like most of our other high-end feature scooters, it’s foldable. 

Once you reach your destination, you only need to fold it up and carry it along. It’s that easy! Think LS7+ is your average scooter? Think again. The scooter’s dual mode provides a low-speed short-distance range for typical trips and a high-speed, long-distance range for longer trips. Its 40Ah lithium battery ensures that you don’t run out of power even on long-distance journeys.


As most of our users reported preferring the steering damper, the new LS7+ adopts the steering damper. 

With this feature upgrade, you’ll now have more control of your steering with stable acceleration even at high speeds. Guess what? The Super LED lights, an intelligent controller, a well-built aluminum alloy frame, an upgraded deck for rider’s comfort, and more are worthy attractions that make the LS7+ truly stand out. 


Overall, with the LS7+ sporting the latest technologies on the electric scooter market, it’s ‘the complete package.’ So, why not make the Nanrobot LS7+ your number one choice today?


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