If you read our recent article on the NANROBOT Lightning, then you're most likely already aware of all the standout features that make the Lightning a one-in-town scooter, particularly for urban and city-commuting. So, this time, we want to shed more light on a recurrent question asked by our beloved customers - "Why did we use the wide solid tires to Nanrobot Lightning." If you've also wondered about this question, this article will help you understand why we used wide solid tires for the electric scooter. 


What are Solid Tires

First of all, what are solid tires? Solid tires, also known as airless tires, are one of the best types of tires used by vehicles. They are manufactured using some specific types of unique rubber compounds and processes. Depending on the kind of vehicle, solid tires can either be manufactured on a frame or metal wheel structure and then installed on the vehicle. They are then rolled into a thin rubber layer on the metal frame support and compressed by the hydraulic system. This process hardens the shape and makes the rubber material highly durable. 


It should be noted that the thickness of the rubber material depends on the application of the tire and the types/sizes of wheels attached to the vehicle. One major reason vehicle manufacturers, including electrical scooter manufacturers, opt for wide solid tires is that they proclaim structural integrity and durability.


Understanding Nanrobot Lightning's Wide Solid Tires

The Nanrobot Lightning electric scooter is equipped with 8-inch solid tires. With a 3.55-inch width, the tires are much wider than the regular scooters out there. The superior rubber material used to manufacture the NANROBOT Lightning's tires enables them to last much longer than the average tires, even with frequent usage. Of course, being wide solid tires, they ensure better side-slip angles, enabling them to provide greater cornering force. Additionally, they offer a smooth ride thanks to their shock-absorbing properties.


Why We Choose Solid Tires for the NANROBOT Lightning Electric Scooter

If you already own a Nanrobot Lightning electric scooter, then you are probably already aware that it is one of the most phenomenal city-commuting e-scooters for adults, if not the very best. And if you're just about making the decision to get yours, here are some reasons why we chose the wide solid tires for the NANROBOT Lightning. And of course, these reasons will definitely encourage you to get yours immediately, especially if you're seeking the best urban and city-commuting electric scooter.

 1.Excellent Road Performance 

We chose the wide solid tires for NANROBOT Lightning because we had tested their ride performance and found them superb. These tires offer excellent traction and grip on various types of terrains. They are sturdy enough to be driven on the usual urban roads, even at relatively high speeds and during moody weather conditions. Their rugged build makes them just the type to go over rocks and other challenging obstacles without damaging the tires themselves or the vehicle. And due to being broad, solid, and airless, these tires enhance the scooter's stability and ensure smooth rides.


2.Best for City/Urban Commuting 

    The Lightning was designed with urban and city residents in mind. It was created to be the perfect solution to urban-related commuting and transportation hassles. Notably, its tires effortlessly glide over roads, pavements, etc., and effortlessly maneuvers diverse terrains just to get you to your destination in time. No more long hours in traffic, no more slow downtown trips, no more lateness to any destination!


    Bumps, stones, rough roads, and the likes ain't a match for the Lightning's wide solid tires. They are designed as sturdy and durable as ever to last you a long time, even upon frequent usage on diverse types of surfaces. You will be able to use your scooter for a long time without having to replace the tires. 

     4.Low Maintenance

    As said earlier, you don't need to change the Lightning's tires often since they are durable. And, of course, with solid tires being tubeless and airless, there is also no need to worry about tire pressure. With these wide solid tires, you've got zero worries.

     5.Enhanced Safety 

    It is no secret that urban roads are sometimes enablers of vehicular accidents. Well, NANROBOT Lightning's beg to differ. Being wide, solid, and with sturdy grips as well as the anti-slip feature, these tires provide the needed stability that enhances the rider's safety. Asides from stability for safety enhancement, this stability also improves the rider's comfortability. If you are a frequent city commuter, this is just what you need.  


    Frequently Asked Questions about Nanrobot Lightning's Tires

    1.Can I remove the solid tire?

      Yes, you can remove the Lightning's solid tires, but it's not easy. So, please read the user's manual carefully before doing that, or better yet, consult an experienced handyman or mechanic to help with that.


      2.Can I change the solid tire to an off-road pneumatic tire?

        You shouldn't even think of doing that. The Nanrobot Lightning was designed as an urban-commuting scooter. It would require lots of modifications to change this. So, no, you can't change the solid tires to pneumatic tires. If you ever need to replace your tire, it is best to replace the solid tire with another identical part. You'll find new tires belonging to this exact model on our website.


        3.When do I need to maintain the solid tire?

          We already know that solid tires require less maintenance than pneumatic tires. You only need to carry out thorough maintenance or replacement if the solid tire is broken or damaged.


          Wide solid tires are the perfect choice for Nanrobot Lightning since it's a city commuter. Solid tires are more suitable for adjusting the urban street surface to produce higher speed, and the wider tires will help riders cope with the situation. Solid tires need zero maintenance because they do not deflate. Can you now see why we just had to choose the wide solid tires for NANROBOT Lightning?