Should I Buy an Electric Scooter?

Electric scooters are popping up everywhere. All around the world, you are bound to see people whizzing from place to place on these snazzy two-wheelers. It’s no wonder that they are so popular – they are fun and cool to ride! But there’s also more to them than just being ‘for fun.’

As the demand for reliable, convenient, and eco-friendly transportation skyrockets, electric scooters have grown to become one of the most favoured means of commuting and even sporting. They are the new “it” thing due to all they have to offer. Are you also considering buying an e-scooter? Without a doubt, that is a great choice! Here are some reasons why getting an electric scooter might be your best decision yet, as well as how to choose the right type of scooter from the vast array of brands and models available on the market. 

  • Enhanced Mobility
  • Most cities in the world are battling massive traffic congestion daily. This is due to the ever-increasing population and the never-ending need to get around. According to Texas A&M Transportation Institute’s 2019 Urban Mobility Report, the average Los Angeles resident spends an estimated 119 hours a year stuck in traffic. But what if there’s a way out? In fact, there is. Within the past couple of years, people have recognised electric scooters as a reliable solution to traffic problems - hence the increasing number of users. 

    Electric scooters are a very efficient way to move around the city. They are small-sized, so they easily manoeuvre their way through shortcuts and pavements otherwise inaccessible to the likes of cars, buses and even bicycles. This way you can avoid traffic jams. Also, most of them are fast enough to get you to your destination in no time. 

  • Portable and Lightweight
  • Most e-scooters are made to be portable and lightweight. Convenience is a crucial factor for most urban area residents, and electric scooters are the poster-child for that. They are light enough to be carried up a flight of stairs and portable enough to be lifted without stress o. Whether to school, work or some other place around the city, your scooter would be right by your side. And If yours is a foldable electric scooter from NANROBOT, even better! Of course, you wouldn’t need to compete with other vehicle owners for the limited parking spots.

  • Little or No Maintenance Needed
  • Electric scooters don’t require much maintenance, unlike cars and even motorbikes. You’d need to inspect the scooter and carry out some mini maintenance procedures once or twice a month, but that’s just about it. And if you invest in high-quality scooters like the NANROBOT LS7+72V, Lightning and D4+2.0, you have the assurance that the scooter and its accessories/parts are reliable and durable. 

    Even if you do need to replace an old or faulty component, later on, the costs would be nothing compared to that of replacing car parts which are usually quite expensive. Not to forget, the chunkiest aspect of car maintenance goes into the ever-recurrent bills for fueling. On the other hand, your scooter doesn’t need gas.

  • Very Fast
  • The average speed of an electric scooter is about 16 MPH (25 KM/H). For most top-notch scooters, the rate is way more than that. The NANROBOT LS7+ has a max speed of 74.5 MPH (120 KM/H), while the D6+ is about 40 MPH (65 KM/H). What does this mean? Every trip downtown would be a breeze. No need to break a sweat due to prolonged and tedious commuting!

  • Enhanced Safety
  • Electric scooters are not only fast and cost-effective, but they are also relatively safe. Most electric scooters from top-tier brands come with various safety functions like manual acceleration control, easily accessible brakes, bright front light and taillights, etc. But even though these two-wheelers come with diverse safety functions, it is still crucial for riders to adhere to traffic rules and regulations. One can never be too safety-conscious! 

  • No Need for License
  • In most parts of the world, it’s all on you to know how to use your scooter on public roads. A driver’s license or riding permit is not required. This helps you save costs because you don’t have to update your license or even pay insurance premiums. Again, it’s your obligation to learn how to safely ride your scooter before venturing out to public roads - this is both for you and other road users’ safety. Thankfully, it’s pretty easy and fast to get the hang of riding a scooter.

  • Budget-friendliness 
  • Electric scooters come in various sizes, models and prices, but they are mostly budget-friendly compared to what you’d churn out for new or even second-hand cars. Depending on your desired scooter specifications and budget range, you could go for the high-end NANROBOT LS7+72V, which costs $2949, or the C1, which goes for $749. And when you think about the overall amount that would go into the monthly maintenance of cars, You’d see that electric scooters offer a better and more cost-effective commuting option.


  • Eco-friendliness
  • This is not surprising because the design of electric scooters takes into account the environment. With the impact of global warming and climate change becoming more pronounced, the critical moment of adopting environmentally-friendly products is unprecedented. Electric scooters are one of such. Unlike petrol-powered vehicles that emit gas and pollute the environment, e-scooters help to reduce carbon emissions and are therefore an environmentally-friendly mode of transportation. Likewise, they aren’t noisy.

    How to Choose the Right Scooter

    It is one thing to buy a scooter and another to buy the right scooter that genuinely serves your needs. In order to avoid dissatisfaction with your scooter purchase, you should have the answer to the following questions before proceeding to buy any scooter.

    1. What is my budget range?
    2. What specs and features are most important to me?
    3. What brand am I going for?

    Knowing your budget would enable you to narrow down your possible options. Figuring out your desired specs and features would help you decide on the possible scooter options that your budget could buy. And finally, choosing the right scooter brand would ensure that you get a high-quality and durable scooter that’s worth your money. Purchasing any vehicle is an investment, after all! 

    Here at NANROBOT, we combine quality with affordability. Among our models, you’d surely find a scooter that is within your budget range and yet of the highest possible quality. We also don’t think our connection ends after you buy your scooter. That’s why there is an after-sales service team to assist you in case any problems and issues arise with your scooter after the purchase.   


    In conclusion, buying an electric scooter is absolutely worth it. They are fun to ride, fast, can save you money in fuel and parking spots costs, and are simple to operate. With the answer to the question “Should I buy an electric scooter?” now clear, you can make an informed decision. 

    If you’re looking for a high-quality electric scooter, we would highly recommend browsing through NANROBOT’s scooter collections today. You can purchase an electric scooter from NANROBOT at a reasonable price and not have any worries about it breaking down in the future. And of course, our after-sales team would always be right here to assist you if need be.


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