Nanrobot is the First Electric Scooter with UL Certification

Nanrobot D6+: World's 1st Electric Scooter with UL Certification

It has been a long time coming, but it is finally here. The NANROBOT D6+ has just received its UL certification, making NANROBOT D6+ the first electric scooter within the industry to get UL-listed. The UL certification is the world's most trusted mark for safety assurance and verification. This makes it a crucial step in recognition of NANROBOT as a global brand. 

What is the UL Certification?

The UL certification is a global safety certification by the Underwriters Laboratory (UL), which showcases a company's commitment to world-class and standard safety procedures. It demonstrates dedication to the production of goods that are totally safe for consumers' use and also made of the highest possible quality. The UL certification is recognised by over 100 countries around the world. Its mark appears on over 22 billion products, of which ours is now included.

This means that the D6+ has been tested against applicable expertise/usage standards, and found worthy and fit for distribution. What does it mean for you? It means the NANROBOT D6+ is absolutely safe for your and your family's usage.

Nanrobot D6+: The Journey to UL Certification

Aside from being one of the forerunners in terms of electric scooter innovations, NANROBOT has always upheld quality and safety standards. This is why our brand has become increasingly popular in the United States as well as European countries.

In order to assure our large-growing numbers of customers that quality and safety remains paramount to us, we decided to become UL-certified and listed. We applied to the UL for D6+'s certification in September 2020 and obtained the certification in September 2021. Yes, the NANROBOT D6+ has passed all tests and assessments, including safety hazards, batteries, motors and circuits testings. We are proud to be a UL-listed manufacturer of electric scooters.

The UL certification confirms NANROBOT's compliance with international standards for product safety. It certifies our quality production processes, covering materials and components used during manufacturing, assembly and testing of the NANROBOT D6+ scooter. The certification will make it easy for us to expand our market worldwide; of course, we plan for more of our scooters to get UL-certified soon. Our products are currently sold in over 60 countries around the world. And we will continue to innovate with new styles and models to be able to reach more customers globally while maintaining high safety standards as required by both local and international authorities. 

Why the UL Certification is Important?

  • It is a standard and worldwide-accepted safety certification.
  • Its listing mark is only applicable to evaluated and certified products.
  • Its testing procedures are thorough.
  • When a product passes the UL certification procedures, it signals that the manufacturer is committed to safety and quality.
  • The UL has over a century of experience in the development of more than 1500 standards and is recognized as a standard developer in over 100 countries.

Which stands for Underwriter Laboratory. It is a third-party certification company that has existed for more than a century. UL was founded in Chicago in 1894. The purpose of their certified products is to make the world a safer place for workers and consumers. In addition to testing, they also set industry standards to follow when innovating new products. Last year alone, about 14 billion UL certified products entered the global market. It is a safety organization that sets industry standards for new products. They often check these products to ensure that they meet these standards. UL tests ensure that the wire size is correct or that the device can handle the amount of current it claims to be able to handle. They also ensure reasonable product structure and maximum safety.

Certification is very important for consumers and enterprises to ensure the safety and quality of products. Certified products are more reliable to customers than other products.

The safety of customers and employees is the most important factor to ensure brand loyalty. Safety and reliability may be the difference between a brand's long-term success and catastrophic failure.

UL basically requires safety testing through comprehensive procedures and guidelines, UL requires that its standards must be met before certification is granted.


    Local UL field Representatives visit the manufacturer at least four times a year to verify that the listing mark is only applicable to products manufactured in accordance with UL requirements.


    When the manufacturer passes UL certification, it shows its continuous commitment to safety and quality.

    UL certification standards:

    UL standards cover a wide range of UL safety research and scientific expertise. UL has more than a century of experience in the development of more than 1500 standards and is recognized as a standard developer in the United States and Canada. In expanding its global public safety mission, UL standards cooperates with national standards institutions around the world to build a safer and more sustainable world.


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