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The Nanrobot N6 72V can reach speeds of up to 50 mph due to its dual 1500W motors and three riding gears. It boasts an impressive range, capable of traveling up to 80 miles on a single charge. While customers prioritize extended range and improved suspension, safety is also crucial. Considering the potential safety concerns associated with high speeds, the Nanrobot N6 72V has been designed with safety features in mind. It has a large wheelbase, a low center of gravity, and a wide riding deck to ensure stability at high speeds, thereby maintaining safety. Overall, the Nanrobot N6 72V balances both speed and safety excellently.


The Nanrobot N6 72V electric scooter is known for its 10'' Road tires, widely recognized as top of their class. Tubeless tires, commonly used for electric scooters, have several benefits:

First, they provide exceptional shock absorption. Pneumatic tires are often chosen for electric scooters that value comfort due to their superior shock-absorbing properties. This can be attributed to the flexible rubber used in the inner and outer tubes, and the cushioning effect of the air inside. Moreover, their hollow design makes them lighter than solid rubber tires.

Second, the N6 is equipped with adjustable NUTT hydraulic brakes and EABS. This high-performance dual hydraulic brake system ensures balanced braking performance during high-speed rides, contributing to safer and more stable driving.


The Nanrobot N6 72V features a remarkable dual hydraulic braking system for safety, complemented by powerful headlights and taillights. A digital display offers riders essential information such as speed and battery life. The N6 72V comes with SamSung battery. Include BMS protection, which offers short circuit protection, over-discharge protection, overcharge protection, overcurrent protection, overheat protection, and overvoltage protection. The electric vehicle's speed is primarily determined by the battery, controller, and drive motor, with power, current, and voltage being the key factors. A higher voltage results in a faster speed, while larger stored power enables a longer distance to be covered.

Climbing Angle

Climbing uphill can be a major challenge for electric scooters, as the motors play a crucial role in determining the incline angle. The Nanrobot N6 72V is a high-performance scooter that is equipped with dual 1500W motors. This power allows the scooter to boast an impressive range, making it ideal for long-distance travel. One of its standout features is its ability to navigate a 30-degree climbing angle, a testament to its robust design and engineering. This unique capability allows the Nanrobot N6 72V to effortlessly conquer 90% of uneven terrains, making it a reliable choice for those who have to navigate challenging landscapes. Whether you're commuting in the city or embarking on off-road adventures, the Nanrobot N6 72V is designed to handle it all.


The scooter features LED headlight and taillight, ambient light, a built-in horn, and turn signals. It also includes a digital display that shows speed, distance, and battery life. With NFC start up and an automatic parking system, the scooter enters 'P' mode if stationary for 20 seconds. To exit 'P' mode, simply pull the brake lever. If the scooter remains idle and no operation is performed on the display, it will automatically shut down after 5 minutes. Additionally, it has a secure and stable folding system which allows for fast folding in just 3 seconds.

NANROBOT N6 72V Turn on the light

Frame Material

Nanrobot N6 is both stylish and durable, with its forged aviation-grade aluminum construction being both strong and long-lasting. Additionally, the scooter’s weight limit of 330 pounds ensures a safe and secure ride. The aluminum alloy used in its construction has the advantages of being lightweight, highly malleable, and resistant to oxidation. It can be formed through cold working and can be easily bent back into shape if needed. Meanwhile, the cost of an aluminum alloy frame may be slightly higher, the single-piece design is more robust than a multi-piece one, with its integrated structure providing exceptional strength and rigidity. Furthermore, these materials have undergone numerous impact tests, demonstrating the scooter’s ability to withstand pressure. For those who demand high quality, the Nanrobot N6 72V is the ideal choice.


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