NANROBOT only provides a warranty on scooters purchased from this website and are the original purchaser. If you bought your scooter from a dealer, please contact the dealer. From the moment the customer receives the order, all NANROBOT electric scooters have a 12-month limited warranty against manufacturing defects. The NANROBOT support team is always at your service for any questions you might have.

Warranty Claiming Process

1.In order to claim the warranty, you need to provide visual (pictures and videos) evidence of the defects. This should be sent to our email along with related textual information.
2.If the customer service team ascertains that there is indeed a manufacturing defect, we will send you new replacement parts.
3.Replacement parts are provided only once during the warranty period.

NOTE: We do not provide any warranty for disputed orders, and the warranty will continue to be provided after the dispute is cancelled.

Part Free Warranty
Side Light Stripe  1 Month
Voltage Lock  3 Month
Charger  3 Month
Charging Port  3 Month
Switch Button  3 Month
Front Side Light  3 Month
Rear Side Lights  3 Month
Headlight  3 Month
Brake Handle  3 Month and within 1000KM
Brake Disc  3 Month and within 2000KM
Kickstand  3 Month and within 1000KM
Controller  3 Month and within 800KM
Wheel Hub  3 Month and within 1000KM
Front Shock Absorber  6 Months and within 2000KM          
Rear Shock Absorber  6 Months and within 2000KM
Throttle  6 Months and within 1200KM
Battery  6 Months and within 3000KM


(wire issues are not included)

 12 Months and within 4000KM


In addition, for LS7+ / D6+ / LIGHTNING / N6 scooters, we provide a lifetime warranty on the following parts (excluding the plastic parts of N6’s frame):

Part Above 1 Year
Steering Arm Customer pays shipping
Footrest Customer pays shipping
Steering Column Customer pays shipping
Battery Compartment Customer pays shipping
Swingarm Customer pays shipping
Folding Mechanism Customer pays shipping
Stem Customer pays shipping
Handlebar Customer pays shipping

Handlebar Mount,

Handlebar Mount Cover

Customer pays shipping


Once the normal warranty ends, the provision of free after-sales services ends too. That is when the extended warranty coverage starts. No additional warranty is provided once the extended warranty ends. If you have any questions, please contact us at support@nanrobot.com.

The final interpretation of the NANROBOT all

This warranty does not cover:

  • Conditions, malfunctions or damage caused by incorrect usage, poor maintenance or adjustment as advised in the user manual;
  • Conditions, malfunctions or damage caused by or during the time that the user is under the influence of drugs, alcohol or any other mind-altering influences;
  • Conditions, malfunctions or damage caused by acts of nature;
  • Conditions, malfunctions or damage caused by or due to the customer self-modifying, decomposing or destroying the parts without prior authorisation from the manufacturer.
  • Conditions, malfunctions or damage caused by the use of non-original parts or unauthorised circuit and configuration change.
  • Fractures/breakage or loss of plastic parts inclusive of the choke, charging port, handlebar switches and plastic flaps.

Customer service contacts:
Support email: support@nanrobot.com