Hello everyone, followers, and top fans of the Nanrobot Electric Scooter Club! We're thrilled to announce our latest challenge: the Nanrobot Electric Scooter Club Modification Contest. This contest is a stage for you to exhibit your creative flair and technical prowess by showcasing your most impressive scooter modifications.

To take part in the contest, modify your Nanrobot electric scooter in any way you desire. Document your modifications through a video, photo, or a written post. We would love to see your writing posts shaped like a short story detailing your scooter modification journey!

The contest is open to all members of the Nanrobot Electric Scooter Club and will run until the 5th of June, 2024. We encourage all participants to engage with other members by commenting and liking posts. It's all about fostering a thriving and interactive community!


We will be awarding three winners based on the following categories:

  1. Best Modification Result (Voted): All entries will be collected and voted on by the group members. The prize for this category is a C1 scooter (random color).
  2. Most Valuable Discussion (Comments and Likes): The post with the highest number of comments and likes during the event will win. The minimum requirement is 150 likes and comments from 30 different people. The winner will also receive a C1 scooter (random color).
  3. Highest Contribution (Background Statistics): The member with the highest overall contribution, based on background statistics of engagement and activity within the group (the top contributor on 5th June), will be rewarded with a $100 no-threshold coupon.


Please note that all participants must include the designated hashtag #Nanrobotmods in their posts to enter the contest. If someone posts more than once, their most liked & commented post will be selected for category one (Voting).

Do remember that winners in areas where our overseas warehouses cannot deliver will need to pay for postage. All decisions are final and at the discretion of the Nanrobot Electric Scooter Club admin team. Also, only the members who joined the club before 20th May will have their votes counted for the first gift. 

We are eager to see all your outstanding modifications! Get creative, share your work, engage with the community, and above all, have fun. Good luck to all participants! Don't forget the hashtags #Nanrobotcontest, #giveaway, #freescooters, and #activity when sharing your posts.